Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

2018 Crime Control, Crime Prevention, and Victim Assistance
Mission Statement The goal of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority is the protection of citizens' lives and property. The Authority develops, administers, and implements programs for crime control, crime prevention, and victim assistance with funding from several major federal assistance programs under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, Victims of Crime Act, Violence Against Women Act, and other federal and state grant programs. Administers and implements programs under the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act, with funding from insurance industry assessments.
Program Goals and Objectives
  1. Reduce the crime rate.
    1. Target federal and state resources to geographic areas and populations with clearly described problems and needs.
    2. Use Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act funds to target areas of the state with the highest rates of motor vehicle theft through public awareness campaigns and special task forces.
  2. Reduce recividism.
    1. Develop and implement procedures to ensure the efficient and effective administration of federal, state and other grant funds.
    2. Monitor sub-grantee activities to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements.
  3. Rebalance from prison-based to community-based care where appropriate.
    Source of Funds General Revenue Fund, Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Trust Fund, Criminal Justice Trust Fund, Juvenile Justice Trust Fund Statutory Authority 20 ILCS 3930; 20 ILCS 4005
    Fiscal Year 2019 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2018 Actual Fiscal Year 2018 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2017 Actual Fiscal Year 2016 Actual
    Input Indicators
    Total expenditures - all sources (in thousands) $ 86,247.6 $ 86,247.6 $ 45,350.0 $ 45,350.0 $ 22,785.0
    Total expenditures - state appropriated funds (in thousands) $ 86,247.6 $ 86,247.6 $ 45,380.0 $ 45,350.0 $ 22,785.0
    Average monthly full-time equivalents 18 18 40 40 22
    Output Indicators
    Total number of grants monitored 1,158 1,158 1,047 1,047 662
    Outcome Indicators
    Total number of grant programs active and currently being implemented by sub-grantees 49 49 1,047 1,047 662
    Efficiency/Cost-Effectiveness Indicators
    Average administrative cost per grant to sub-grantee (in dollars) $ 1,760.0 $ 1,760.0 $ 4,334.0 $ 4,334.0 $ 3,798.0