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Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

2020 Support of Law Enforcement Programs
Mission Statement
Program Goals and Objectives
  1. Continue to provide law enforcement, criminal justice, and other public safety officials secure access to information required through systems to make decisions that positively impact the safety of police officers and the public.
    1. Ensure system software is designed, built, and maintained to fulfill the requirements of information consumers and decision-makers.
    2. Ensure information security systems are designed, implemented, and configured to restrict the use of information as appropriate to the role of the information consumer or decision-maker.
    3. Ensure information infrastructure (network, hardware, etc.) is sized and maintained to provide adequate capacity, dependability, and availability to provide the information when, where, and how it is needed.
    4. Ensure customer support mechanisms are organized in a manner to receive, track, and respond to problems and issues in an effective and efficient manner.
  2. Leverage technology and resources to refine and improve everyday workflow and processes.
    1. Implement biometric technologies to enhance crime solving and rapid identification services.
    2. Research and identify viable alternatives to maximize departmental resources while improving the efficiency of administrative and operational functions.
    3. Establish an enterprise approach to technological development and solutions through collaboration and communication to share responsibilities and resources.
    4. Improve the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to rapidly identify individuals for criminal justice and non-criminal justice purposes.
  3. Implement improvements to the Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Program that effectively address the need to accurately determine firearm eligibility and process applications in a timely manner.
    1. Expand strategic and operational partnerships.
      1. Participate on governance, operational, and technical committees to implement the Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJS) Strategic Plan.
      2. Enhance ISP/Cook County Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to ensure availability and performance and vendor support in the event of problems/outages.
      3. Improve sharing of criminal justice information by improving efficiency, system integration, and partnerships with other justice agencies.
    2. Improve emergency service response by distributing funds to local 9-1-1 communication centers from the Statewide 9-1-1 fund.
      1. Provide officers with enforcement vehicles that have less than 80,000 miles and functioning equipment that supports officer safety.
        Source of Funds General Revenue Fund, State Police Vehicle Fund, State Police Services Fund Statutory Authority
        Fiscal Year 2021 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2020 Actual Fiscal Year 2020 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2019 Actual Fiscal Year 2018 Actual
        Input Indicators
        Total expenditures - all sources (in thousands) $ 256,952.0 $ 242,578.7 $ 276,122.9 $ 0.0 $ 0.0
        Total expenditures - state appropriated funds (in thousands) $ 256,952.0 $ 242,578.7 $ 276,122.9 $ 0.0 $ 0.0
        Average monthly full-time equivalents 14 104 100 0 0
        Output Indicators
        Number of court orders to expunge or seal records 19,000 19,766 19,000 16,625 N/A
        Number of inquiry transactions processed (LEADS) 110,000,000 90,435,040 97,000,000 95,440,682 96,276,479
        Number of criminal history records inquiries 1,350,000 984,675 1,350,000 1,178,886 1,104,809
        Number of identification inquiries (name-based and fingerprint-based checks) 1,250,000 279,878 1,250,000 1,178,886 1,104,809
        Number of Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) applications processed 309,000 279,878 311,321 313,483 228,448
        Number of FOID applications received 350,000 389,660 350,000 300,282 195,135
        Basic law enforcement training for non-ISP officers 150 107 150 93 0
        Number of new evidential exhibits recorded and held 36,000 27,039 36,000 33,145 33,644
        Outcome Indicators
        Number of revoked FOID cards 10,500 10,278 10,500 10,703 10,871

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