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Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

2020 Technical Services
Mission Statement To ensure an understanding of, and compliance with, the state's fire safety and petroleum storage rules by offering plan review, engineering, and continuing education efforts delivered to both OSFM personnel and the regulated community.
Program Goals and Objectives
  1. Review submitted plans for compliance with adopted and referenced fire prevention codes of the State of Illinois and offer corrective comments to building owners, architects, and other members of the regulated community, as well as field inspectors of the OSFM.
    1. Perform review of plans for building construction, remodeling, or additions for compliance with the state's Life Safety Code.
    2. Perform review of automatic fire sprinkler plans for compliance with applicable codes.
    3. Perform review of fire alarm system plans for compliance with applicable codes.
    4. Perform review of special extinguishing system plans for compliance with applicable codes.
    5. Maintain records of all plan review work.
    6. Perform review of cooking suppression and ventilation system plans for compliance with applicable codes.
  2. Ensure the accurate and timely processing of all submitted permits relating to petroleum storage and use in 10 working days or less.
    1. Process aboveground flammable and combustible liquid storage tank permit applications (including both bulk storage and dispensing storage tanks).
    2. Process liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tank permit applications.
    3. Ensure quality through ongoing, continuing education of staff in the technical aspects of permitting.
    4. Maintain records of all permit review work.
  3. Offer continuing education to Technical Services personnel as well as OSFM field inspectors, particularly those in the Divisions of Fire Prevention and Petroleum and Chemical Safety.
    1. Conduct regularly scheduled training of all OSFM fire prevention inspectors to ensure their familiarity with fire codes, standards, and regulations for the inspection of facilities within their jurisdictions and also to identify new materials, methods, and technical advancements in fire protection systems.
    2. Conduct orientation training for all new OSFM fire prevention inspectors.
    3. Ensure that Technical Services personnel have access to continuing education opportunities in relevant subjects, including fire safety and petroleum codes, computer and software program use, personal interaction in the workplace, and ethics.
    4. Conduct certified National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Inspector Level 1 and Level 2 Training for OSFM fire prevention inspectors.
    5. Conduct training for local fire inspectors as well as OSFM fire prevention inspectors relative to the policies, procedures, and checklists for the required annual inspection of all public school buildings throughout the state.
  4. Represent the Agency on state and national fire advisory boards, commissions, task forces, and code development committees.
    1. Participate in code committees to develop future editions of the NFPA Life Safety Code (the state-adopted code in Illinois).
    2. Participate in task forces relating to the development of statewide codes (including a statewide building code, updated petroleum regulation rules, and Life Safety Code application vis-a-vis locally adopted codes).
    3. Foster the submittal of information and proposed code modifications from the Illinois fire service organizations.
    4. Represent the OSFM on the International Code Council's Underground Storage Tanks/Aboveground Storage Tank (UST/AST) Examination Committee and Midwest Fire Advisory Committee.
  5. Offer engineering and technical advice to field inspectors, OSFM division managers, administrative staff, municipal fire department enforcement personnel, building owners, architects, and any member of the regulated community.
    1. Field telephone, email, and written correspondence inquiries from field inspectors, mid-level OSFM managers, OSFM administrative staff, architects, contractors, facility owners, and the regulated community relative to technical issues associated with plan and application review, as well as code application and development.
    2. Offer public education seminars to OSFM inspectors, local fire department personnel, fire service organizations, other state agency personnel, and members of the regulated community relative to fire code interpretation and enforcement issues.
    3. Assist other divisions in the writing of administrative rules pertaining to fire code and petroleum regulation issues.
  6. Offer specialized fire protection expertise to the regulated community.
    1. Review submitted Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) documents as well as Life Safety Equivalency (LSE) documents comparing conditions in existing structures with the prescribed requirements of adopted fire safety codes with the goal of determining if equivalent life safety is being offered.
    2. Review Prison Fire Safety Plans submitted by the Illinois Department of Corrections' facilities to determine compliance with applicable standards and safe practices in detention and correctional facilities.
Source of Funds Fire Prevention Fund Statutory Authority 425 ILCS 25, 430 ILCS 15
Fiscal Year 2021 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2020 Actual Fiscal Year 2020 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2019 Actual Fiscal Year 2018 Actual
Input Indicators
Total expenditures - all sources (in thousands) $ 575.0 $ 564.5 $ 516.8 $ 555.9 $ 200.6
Total expenditures - state appropriated funds (in thousands) $ 575.0 $ 564.5 $ 516.8 $ 555.9 $ 200.6
Average monthly full-time equivalents 3 3 3 3 1
Output Indicators
Building, renovation, fire suppression, and detection system plans reviewed 192 186 200 189 179
Applications reviewed for AST and LPG tank work 645 631 536 600 464
Number of telephone, email, and written inquiries handled 7,337 7,843 8,356 7,624 5,804
Outcome Indicators
Percentage of technical permits for petroleum issued within 10 days or less of receipt 93.7 % 87.4 % 90 % 56.6 % 9.4 %
Percentage of requests for seminars or public presentations delivered 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %
Percentage of requested OSFM inspector training seminars presented 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %

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