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Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

2020 Petroleum and Chemical Safety
Mission Statement To protect against the threat to human safety and contamination of the environment that can occur by the underground storage of petroleum products and other hazardous substances through prevention, education, and enforcement.
Program Goals and Objectives
  1. Support the Division of Petroleum and Chemical Safety's (DPCS) mission with the temporal processing of all checks received by the DPCS to the Shared Services Division within a 24-hour period.
    1. Perform an accurate administrative review through use of current computer records.
    2. Provide a process for owner/operator and contractor access to select information on the division database.
    3. Establish and maintain an effective communication system with contractors, Underground Storage Tanks (UST) operators, and UST owners through the use of the UST portal (e.g., job schedules, invoices, certificates, policy notices, etc.).
    4. Initiate the development processes for the electronic transfer of funds for the payment of registration fees.
  2. Support the DPCS Mission with the accurate and timely processing of all required job schedules and eligibility determinations as required by statutes and regulations.
    1. Answer technical questions concerning USTs and division statutory and regulatory requirements.
    2. Ensure quality through staff training in the technical regulatory requirements.
  3. Support the DPCS mission by effectively and efficiently deploying field staff who work with industry to ensure UST activities in Illinois are safe for the citizens and the environment.
    1. Ensure that Storage Tank Safety Specialists (STSSs) are at every tank pull activity to ensure the safety of workers, the community, and the environment.
    2. Re-inspect one half of all active UST facilities annually for compliance with the USEPA UST regulations and the Illinois Administrative Code 177 rules and issue-dated decals.
    3. Secure UST Facility File data transmission capacity for field staff interface with the DPCS and UST database.
  4. Maintain a comprehensive Compliance/Enforcement program to ensure the safe operation of UST systems and work on those systems.
    1. Continue to implement the Notice of Violation (NOV) program dealing with non-compliance at UST facilities in such a form to maximize the compliance level of UST systems in Illinois.
    2. Continue to implement the Contractor Notice of Violation (CNOV) program dealing with contractor violations of operating rules and procedures.
  5. Support the DPCS mission by processing all eligibility requests in 60 days or less with an internal target of 40 days.
    1. Support the DPCS mission by providing contemporary, efficient, and effective two-way communication with the UST users and regulators.
      1. Maintain a close working relationship with the Chicago Department of Public Health to ensure smooth and consistent operation of UST activity in Chicago.
      2. Conduct industry group meetings for the purpose of the exchange of ideas and information on UST issues in Illinois on an as-needed basis.
    2. Provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24-7) emergency response capability for the State of Illinois regarding UST.
      1. Maintain a state-of-the-art communication link with all (STSSs) to provide for emergency response in conjunction with requests from municipalities and/or the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.
      2. Initiate an outreach program designed to familiarize municipalities with the assistance available from DPCS when they face UST emergencies.
      3. Provide staff support for the State Emergency Operations Center on request.
    Source of Funds Underground Storage Tank Fund, Fire Prevention Division Fund Statutory Authority 415 ILCS, 430 ILCS, 225 ILCS
    Fiscal Year 2021 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2020 Actual Fiscal Year 2020 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2019 Actual Fiscal Year 2018 Actual
    Input Indicators
    Total expenditures - all sources (in thousands) $ 6,549.3 $ 4,851.8 $ 5,242.1 $ 3,829.8 $ 4,793.2
    Total expenditures - state appropriated funds (in thousands) $ 6,549.3 $ 4,851.8 $ 5,242.1 $ 3,829.8 $ 4,793.2
    Average monthly full-time equivalents 27 25 28 25 23
    Output Indicators
    Number of active USTs in the State of Illinois 18,900 18,948 19,000 19,045 19,257
    Total number of USTs maintained 104,000 103,726 119,120 119,111 118,671
    UST facility inspections 10,250 9,813 10,500 10,090 11,148
    Eligibility applications received 275 215 325 346 306
    Total number of motor fuel-dispensing facility inspections 2,900 2,819 2,500 2,252 3,104
    Applications reviewed for motor fuel-dispensing facilities 140 128 60 63 59
    Outcome Indicators
    Percentage of USTs inspected for compliance annually in Illinois 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %
    Percentage of UST owners/operators notified within 60 days of eligibility for Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Fund eligibility 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %

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