Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

(Appropriated Spending in Thousands)
  FY 2021 FY 2020
Reporting Programs Expenditures Headcount Expenditures Headcount
Boards and Commissions Act $ 547.0 6.0 $ 600.0 7.0
Constituent Services $ 216.0 4.0 $ 242.0 5.0
Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development $ 0.0 0.0 $ 1,927.2 17.0
Non-Reporting Programs
Governor's Office  $ 11,120.3 97.0 $ 8,853.6 88.0
Totals $ 11,883.3 107.0 $ 11,622.8 117.0

Totals may not add due to rounding.

Agency Narrative

The Office of the Governor has spent the last year striving and working toward creating change for the State of Illinois. We have improved operations and initiatives in state agencies, worked with the legislature to pass significant statewide legislation, and responded to a global pandemic. The Office of the Governor will maintain its goal of better serving the constituents of Illinois by working with all state partners and putting all Illinoisans first. 

The Boards and Commissions division within the Office of the Governor has worked to fill every vacant seat on all state boards and commissions. During this reporting period of July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, the Office of the Governor was able to appoint 566 qualified and diverse candidates to boards, commissions, and task forces. The challenge when filling vacant seats continues to be the ability to find qualified and diverse candidates who will bring new perspectives to the board or commission. The Office of the Governor remains dedicated to filling all vacancies and finding candidates of the right background by tapping into new networks and professional communities to reach our goal of creating state boards and commissions that reflect the people of Illinois.

The Office of the Governor understands the importance of connecting and communicating with the people of Illinois. The Office of the Governor is proud to have processed nearly 22,000 constituent cases in partnership with our state agencies. Due to the pandemic, the Office of Constituent Affairs faced difficulties in responding to constituents within the office’s desired 48-hour timeframe. The Office of Constituent Affairs has since developed a process that allows for all constituents to be heard and responded to in a timely manner. The Office of the Governor will continue to ensure the people of Illinois consistently have a direct line of communication to the office.

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