Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

Property Tax Appeal Board
(Appropriated Spending in Thousands)
  FY 2021 FY 2020
Reporting Programs Expenditures Headcount Expenditures Headcount
Correct Assessment Determination $ 6,016.6 35.0 $ 5,440.1 39.0
Totals $ 6,016.6 35.0 $ 5,440.1 39.0

Amounts may not sum to total due to rounding.

Agency Narrative

The Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) continues to work diligently to issue decisions pertaining to the correct assessment of real property for taxation purposes. The biggest challenges facing the agency are the backlog of appeals and the ongoing need for increased staffing and funding to meet the increased demands placed on PTAB. PTAB's strategy to improve results is to increase staff/funding and by implementing an online filing portal to increase efficiency in processing appeals. PTAB received a record 57,000+ appeals in fiscal year 2021, and we anticipate receiving a similar amount in fiscal year 2022.

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