Public Accountability Report Public Accountability Report

2021 Hearings for Individuals in Custody and Victims
Mission Statement The Illinois Prisoner Review Board's mission is to function under statutory authority as a quasi-judicial body with a primary focus on public safety. It further acts as a check and balance on other state and local institutions. The Board imposes release conditions for incarcerated individuals who are exiting penal facilities, revokes and restores good conduct credits from individuals in custody, and conducts hearings to determine whether alleged Parole Violators have violated conditions of Parole. The Illinois Prisoner Review Board also notifies victims and their families when an individual in custody is going to be released from custody. The Board makes confidential recommendations to the Governor relative to clemency petitions.
Program Goals and Objectives
  1. For crimes that occurred prior to 1978, ensure that only deserving individuals in custody are released into society.
    1. Review each releasee file and place certain conditions to ensure a releasee is thoroughly supervised and participates in appropriate programs.
  2. Notify victims, family members, and interested parties of an the release of an individual in custody.
    1. Protect victims by notification of release from incarceration of an individual in custody.
  3. Conduct parole, mandatory supervised release, good conduct revocation, and clemency hearings, all of which are mandated by law.
    1. To have the budget dollars available to be able to meet the hearing mandates.
  4. Make well-founded confidential clemency recommendations to the Governor.
    1. Ensure that all clemency recommendations made to the Governor by the Board are based on current and accurate information.
Source of Funds General Revenue Fund, Prisoner Review Board Vehicle and Equipment Fund Statutory Authority 730 ILCS 5/3-3-1
Fiscal Year 2022 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2021 Actual Fiscal Year 2021 Target/Projected Fiscal Year 2020 Actual Fiscal Year 2019 Actual
Input Indicators
Total expenditures - all sources (in thousands) $ 3,411.2 $ 2,177.8 $ 3,000.0 $ 2,429.9 $ 2,474.0
Total expenditures - state appropriated funds (in thousands) $ 3,411.2 $ 2,177.8 $ 3,000.0 $ 2,429.9 $ 2,474.0
Average monthly full-time equivalents 36.0 36.0 39.0 39.0 28.0
Number of Board members to conduct hearings 15.0 15.0 15.0 15.0 15.0
Output Indicators
Parole hearings conducted 50.0 40.0 50.0 45.0 50.0
Pre-release review hearings conducted 12,500 11,851 15,000 15,702 17,530
Good conduct revocation hearings held (a) 425.0 325.0 1,600 1,699 1,854
Mandatory supervised release revocation hearings conducted (b) 5,500 4,505 5,500 6,810 7,133
All other hearings conducted (b) 17,000 14,949 10,000 6,935 13,119
Clemency hearings conducted (b) 1,500 1,403 1,500 659.0 450.0
Cannabis Clemency (c) 4,000 0.0 10,000 11,017 N/A
Number of juvenile aftercare release revocation hearings 100.0 83.0 100.0 133.0 150.0
Numbers of victims notified upon release of individuals in custody 230.0 118.0 300.0 298.0 315.0
Number of hearings to consider modification of conditions of release (b) 600.0 559.0 2,500 2,748 3,148
Outcome Indicators
Parole requests granted 10.0 15.0 10.0 9.0 14.0
Good conduct credits approved (a) 0.0 560.0 2,000 1,091 1,785
Efficiency/Cost-Effectiveness Indicators
Cost per hearing (in dollars) $ 81.28 $ 63.20 $ 45.84 $ 66.58 $ 61.64
Good Conduct credits and revocation hearings will taper off as this element ends. Circumstances related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the responses to mitigate the spread impacted several areas of Output Indicators. Various issues caused the Board to conduct business differently than in the past. Overall hearings increased as efforts were made to decrease population in congregate facilities. While transfers from County Jails to Reception Centers was paused, hearings were also conducted at the County level instead. Cannabis Clemency hearings will begin again in fiscal year 2022. None were done in fiscal year 2021.

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